About us

At Heath Pharmacy the aim and focus is providing patient centred care with a friendly service. Over the last  20 years the needs and requirements of the local community has been at the forefront of all they do. With an expanding list of services available at the pharmacy we embarked on a shop refit last year (September 2016) to allow room for further services by improving access to the pharmacy for all patient groups, encompassing a consultation room for private discussions and clinical services such as those listed below.

We aim to deliver a broad range of high quality services to meet local need, improving the health and well-being of the local population and helping to reduce health inequalities.

Our  NHS funded Minor aliment scheme allows the pharmacist to prescribe medications from a specific formulary for ailments such as conjunctivitis, head lice, soft tissue damage, sore throat, skin conditions, cough, colds and more. Furthermore to alleviate the pressures on GP and secondary care we  work with NHS 111 to ensure patients are never without their medications whether due to surgery closure over the weekend, patients away from home without their medications or simply not requesting  repeat medications in time.

Clinical screening is at the heart of what they do, looking to identify patients at risk of diabetes, high blood pressure or raised cholesterol and promote a healthy lifestyle. Over the last 10 years our pharmacist has provided a private flu vaccination service and in the last 7 years this now includes patients who are at risk of serious complications of the flu (NHS funded).

The Pharmacy performs medication reviews to inform patients about the indications of their medication, mode of action, possible side effects and hence increase medicine optimisation. For patients with difficulties with adherence, they provide medicine dosage systems to make administration easier and improve medicine compliance. Coincided with this is working alongside patient carers to improve the health of their clients and provide advice regarding the medications they help to administer.


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